Café Bluff: Hardcore

Café Bluff: Hardcore

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Doe de oordoppen maar weer in. Vanavond worden de oren weer professioneel geteisterd.

Verantwoordelijke zijn:

Endeavour is a metalcore band that consists of five musicians from the South of The Netherlands. Through hard beating drums, memorable melodies and captivating guitar parts, they've made clear that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Cold Grip
Cold Grip is a Raw Melodic Hardcore band from Weert, The Netherlands.

Trust Us We're Liars
Trust Us We're Liars is a 4 piece post-metal/hardcore band founded in Delft. With hard hitting riffs, memorable lyrics and heavy breakdowns they'll make sure you bang your head.

Show starts at 21:00 and the entry will be €5,00.